1.2.2019 Snovonne’s Nightmare Cabaret, special guest: JTR Sickert

Snovonne is an independent rock / metal artist, releasing her music and artworks worldwide.

Her music pays very little attention to music genres and prefers focusing on the ‘soul’ of each song individually. Given the frequent use of heavy guitars, the industry has labeled her music anything from ‘orchestral metal’, ‘modern theatrical rock’ to ‘industrial pop’ and ‘rock cabaret’. We also like to call it “orchestral soul metal”, where you can hear cinematic music combined with heavy guitars and vocals with a strong “soul feel” on top. Some people also say it’s a female version of earlier Marilyn Manson.

Essential part of Snovonne’s performance is a visual show. Inspired by expressive lyrics and suggestive videos the live show becomes a multi medial experience for the fans. That’s a reason why it’s being introduced to public as “Snovonne’s Nightmare Cabaret”.