[:si]26.1.2018 Chagadelia proudly presents: Ruby My Dear[:]

[:si]++++CHAGADELIA, institute for the mentally Deranged presents++++


PREPARE TO get FragMented by one of the most INSANE live acts out there! Dont miss this UNIQUE performance!

Ruby My Dear je dobro poznani projekt Juliena Chastagnola, ki odlično združuje mnogotere žanre, vse od psychedelick, breakcora, IDMa, acida, elektra do (and not limeted to!) metala. V svoji karieri je izdal že 12 e.p-jev in 2 full-lenghth albuma. V tipično eklektičnem stilu nas bo razčef… 26.1.2018 – GUARANTEED to cause a riot!
Preverjeno eden boljših live actov, ki vas zlepa ne bo pustil ravnodušnih! Spectacle awaits! 😀

Leta 2014, je izdal legendarni e.p. »Maigre« z IGORRR-jem, ki velja za superioren izdelek elektronske godbe, mnogokrat hvaljen s strani priznanih glasbenih kritikov in publike. (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psVN9s7CBLQ).
Pri nas bo premierno predstavil nov album, ki izide nekaj dni pred njegovim prihodom! ChagaLLecTive promises Pure Sladkeesh ov Sound!

+++We RecoMmend you take your meds and fasten your seatbelts, this is gonna be mind-bendingly sick++



»Naming himself after a 1947 ballad byThelonious Monk, jazz, opera, funk, rock and French and Asian folk sit among the gamut of dance styles he’s experimented with over the last six years, releasing on labels like Peace Off, Acroplane Recordings and Ad Noiseam. But it’s his grasp for melodies that’s made Ruby My Dear stand apart. His 2012 breakout album, Remains Of Shapes To Come, used the ingenuity and punk ethics of breakcore but left all the silliness behind. It was a mature and serious listen, with enough sass to be both high brow and fun. It’s a balance he also achieved on Form, its follow up. If this is your first encounter with breakcore, don’t panic, you are in safe hands, but be prepared for a white-knuckle ride.«
(Resident Advisor)

– https://soundcloud.com/dearmyruby
– https://rubymydear.bandcamp.com/
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHG9WbyHKmg&t=78s
– https://www.facebook.com/dearmyruby/

The Party Sound Committee:

[Dancing Dragon/Spiritual Submarine]

[CHAGADELIA/Sladko Mučenje]

[CHAGADELIA/Dancing Dragon]


With neeeeew toys premiere on this party! ♥

Chagarina: 10 eur[:]

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