About Us

Trainstation SubArt story began in June 2011, when a group of young individuals occupied the abandoned spaces of ex oil-extraction plant and Mercator store. Near train station in Kranj they found a wooden desolated shack, the size just big enough and distanced from the city centre. The team has squatted the place, cleaned it, started construction works and gave the place a name – Trainstation Squat. It was ready to operate in no time and soon the first events started.

Because the constant pressure of authorities towards making a place legal, Subart has been forced to buy the facility. For that purpose, a couple of fund-raiser events have been organised and the team was working very hard on the building itself to make the legalisation possible. After the place has been bought, the name has not been suitable anymore. They kept a part of already established name and added the name of the association that worked there officially from that time on. That’s how Trainstation SubArt was created.

To this day, local and foreign, unknown and famous bands regularly perform on the stage of Trainstation SubArt. The also organise regular workshops, movie screenings and other video projections, lectures, travelogues and theatre plays.

Behind the stage there are also rehearsal room for bands, atelier for artists, printing room, recording studio and skate ramp. The place altogether therefore enables a lot of options for young people to create and integrate. It is estimated that over the course of the year, approximately 100 individuals actively participate in all the happening. That also shows in more than 150 events carried out per year.

Trainstation SubArt is one of the few, locally and regionally speaking the only place that offers most of listed non-commercial and alternative activities on a regular basis and especially for free (with the exception of concerts, which is not possible because of the costs). With all that it works as a place that offers individuals a place to hang out, create, visit events and informally educate themselves. With workshops, lectures, video projections and inclusion of new volunteers in the activities, there’s a very important informal transfer of knowledge happening. It also encourages younger individuals to organize events, actively participate in the creating of subculture and consequently develop socially-critical outlook on the world around us.

All that is possible because of the nature of the work at the Trainstation SubArt itself. The whole place has been built and restored with the help of the volunteers who follow the DIY idea. Alternative events are not profitable, as this is not even the main purpose of our activities. Means for operation come from public tenders from Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth, Ministry of culture and City Municipality of Kranj.

SubArt also operates as a society that works in public interest and is registered as a voluntary organization. All of that adds up to 5000 hours of voluntary work per year, in the area of events organization, administrative work, construction and such.

But that’s not all.

Over the course of every summer, SubArt organizes a SubArt festival which brings enviably stronger program each and every year. Apart from the regular program, the team also organised other individual events in the past such as: SubArt Market, Drum and Bass conference, shootings of various music videos for bands and other short movies as well. In charity spirit there was campaign of raising material goods for refugees organised, and they regularly collect bottle caps and raise funds for strayed animals.

We also have to mention individuals, groups and organisations with whom we cooperate or we did cooperate: Vibe Department, ‘Zavod Carnica’, ‘KŠK’ (Teden Mladih), ‘Novi KLG’, Cultural Association Qulenium, KDC, Tourism institute Kranj, Public University Kranj and others.