– School of opened doors 

is a project that consists of free, interesting and socially-critical lectures and workshops for young people.

The aim of workshops is to communicate through visual and fine arts. The lectures on the other hand, try to open discussions about current political themes and social problems that are part of our everyday lives.

– Kinofobia

is a local socially-critical Art cinema. Through monthly video projections we try to present new movies, that are usually not your typical Sunday-kind of TV program and are not shown in popular cinemas.

The aim of these projections is to present various socially-critical, artistic and economy related themes through audio-visual mediums. The movies that we choose are literature, fine arts and music oriented. We also encourage conversations after the projections in order to develop a critical point of view for individuals and surpass the passive thinking.

– SubArt festival 

is a festival that lasts for 10 days, starting on the first days of July. The events are held on different locations in Kranj. Over the course of the festival more than 30 events occur. Diverse events vary at the festival, from street theatre to concerts for all generations.

– Žive naj vsi narodi 

is a media project that encourages intercultural dialogue and raises funds to help immigrant children integrate into Slovenian society. The aim is to encourage positive public dialogue about immigration in Slovenia. Young immigrants have the greatest potential for successful integration, but only if they are accepted by society. We would like to show Slovene people that multiculturalism is not a threat to their national identity, but rather an enrichment, which will allow Slovenia to flourish in a globalised world. On the other hand, we would like to show immigrants that many Slovenes accept them into our country and are willing to help them make a life here. In short, we would like to encourage a positive attitude of the Slovenian people towards refugees and the other way around.