Rent a van and tour support

The purpose of Tour Support is to enable bands and other potential users the usage of vans, music equipment and the team that offers different services.

We offer the possibility to rent luxury vans with or without the driver. The vans have nine seats, spacious trunk, AC, possibility of electricity usage, LED lighting and other benefits.

Apart from the van we also rent our music equipment used by bands for concerts and tours. You can check the list of equipment and detailed van specifications on the bottom of this page.

Tour Support team consists of experienced individuals that are happy to fulfil your needs. Our drivers can also work as tour managers, merch sellers, roadies, and sound technicians. Most of our team has already worked with several music bands and agencies, both small underground and big rock star bands and from different music genres – from jazz to punk and metal.

Before your tour or concerts we also provide merch – print T-shirts, patches, stickers, badges, etc.

For any information regarding the van, workers and available dates contact Darči at